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A 3D Low-Poly Dungeon Asset Pack, game-ready and fully modular, designed for a top-down style game.

All models are fully modular, allowing you to create an entire dungeon environment with all sorts of variations.

All models are game-ready, and share one only texture for better performance. Color can easily be modified by editing the image texture.

All modules are designed based on a 1x1 grid and vertical floor levels increment by 0.75 height, so stitching them together is easy.

Update 1.1:

This update adds 33 new assets for the Library and Bedroom environment, and some fixes and adjustments to previous assets

Update 1.2:

This update adds 33 new assets, featuring fences and different floors, and assets for the prison environment, as well as some fixes and adjustments to previous assets.

Update 1.3:

This update adds 39 new assets, inclusing assets for the forge room, throne room and trap room, as well as some fixes to previous assets. 

This package contains:

  • 140 assets in total.
  • All individual assets in fbx format.
  • Texture image.
  • Blend file with b2.79 and b2.8 versions, featuring asset display scene and example scenes.
  • UnityPackage file with all assets ready to work in unity and demo scenes.

Asset List:

  • Ground_Large
  • Ground_Small
  • Stairs
  • Wall_Door
  • Wall
  • Pillar
  • Pillar_Corner
  • Banner
  • Door
  • Wooden_Table
  • Wooden_Chair_Normal
  • Wooden_Chair_Damaged
  • Wooden_Chair_Ruined
  • Wooden_Barrel
  • Wooden_Barrel_Ruined
  • Wooden_Box
  • Wooden_Box_Ruined
  • Wooden_Shelf
  • Weapon_Stand
  • Wooden_Chest
  • Torch
  • Torch_Holder
  • Torch_Holder_Off
  • Sword
  • Cup
  • Plate
  • Bowl
  • Bottle_1
  • Bottle_2
  • Coin_Pile_1
  • Coin_Pile_2
  • Bone_1
  • Bone_2
  • Skull

New in Update 1.1:

  • Bookshelf_1
  • Bookshelf_2
  • Bookshelf_3
  • Quill
  • Book_1
  • Book_2
  • Book_3
  • Book_4
  • Book_5
  • Book_Open
  • Book_Pile_Small
  • Book_Pile_Large
  • Small_Table
  • Chair
  • Lectern
  • Candles
  • Candles_Off
  • Candle_Holder
  • Candle_Holder_Off
  • Chandelier
  • Chandelier_Off
  • Cauldron
  • Pot_Small
  • Pot_Large
  • Pot_Tall
  • Pot_Tall_Large
  • Bed
  • Bed_Ruined
  • Bunk_Bed
  • Bunk_Bed_Ruined
  • Pillar_Center
  • Pillar_Center_Round
  • Wall_Window

New in Update 1.2:

  • Black_Chest
  • Metal_Chest
  • Golden_Chest
  • Golden_Key
  • Key
  • Pot_Small_Broken
  • Pot_Large_Broken
  • Pot_Tall_Broken
  • Pot_Tall_Large_Broken
  • Wood_Debris
  • Stone_Brick_Debris
  • Rug_End
  • Rug_1_Way
  • Rug_1_Way_Ruined
  • Rug_4_Way
  • Rug_3_Way
  • Rug_2_Way
  • Prison_Chains
  • Torture_Machine
  • Stocks
  • Spike_Trap
  • Jail_Round
  • Jail_Square
  • Pillar_Center_Ruined
  • Fence_Pillar
  • Fence
  • Wall_Stairs_Fence
  • Wall_Angle
  • Wall_Prison_Window
  • Prison_Wall
  • Prison_Half_Wall
  • Prison_Wall_Door
  • Prison_Corner
  • Cobweb

New in Update 1.3:

  • Altar
  • Banner_Large
  • Banner_Wide
  • Floor_Grate
  • Ground_Tiles
  • Ground_Tiles_Damaged
  • Ground_Tiles_Large
  • Rug_1_Way_Half
  • Stone_Statue
  • Throne
  • Anvil
  • Forge_Furnace
  • Forge_Bellow
  • Forge_Hammer
  • Forge_Tong
  • Grindstone
  • Armor_Stand
  • Wall_Arrow_Trap
  • Arrow_Bolt
  • Spin_Blade_Trap
  • Swinging_Blade
  • Red_Potion
  • Blue_Potion
  • Green_Potion
  • Chandelier_Small
  • Chandelier_Small_Off
  • Lantern
  • Lantern_Off
  • Crown
  • Cup_Golden_Large
  • Cup_Large
  • Iron_Bucket
  • Wooden_Bucket
  • Weapon_Stand_Horizontal
  • Shield
  • Swords_And_Shield
  • Stone_Brick
  • Wood_Plank
  • Wooden_Trapdoor

By purchasing this asset pack, you can use it for personal and commercial use.
Credit is not necessary but is apreciated.
You can not resell or redistribute this asset pack.

All screenshots are rendered in Blender.

This project may be updated in the future with new assets or fixes, suggestions are welcome!


Buy Now
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$19.99 $9.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Low_Poly_Dungeon_Asset_Pack_v1.3.zip 5 MB
Low_Poly_Dungeon_Asset_Pack_v1.3.unitypackage 2 MB

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I don't suppose you're working on other environments like this?

The quality here is incredible and I would love to see similar packs of different environments in the same style.

Thank you! sadly i dont have any other environments in the works at the moment, but i appreciate your comment :)

Perhaps add a demo sort of? A freely available simple asset from the bundle? So people can see if it's compatible with whatever tool they're using to make games.

Hello! not sure if i would add a demo at the moment, but anyone could also contact me directly and i can provide a sample model to test compatibility with.

Hello ! 

Is your work compatible with Smile Game Builder? 

If not Nice job!

Hi! Im unaware of compatibility with this editor. You can check if it allows for importing external 3d models into it, but even if that's the case, i can't guarantee it will be fully compatible.

This is really cool and nice work!

Thank you so much! :D

The textures are png tilesets or colors?

Hi! All the models use a single atlas texture that contains all the colors used.

Hey did you have any further planned updates, and are the updates available to download for previous purchases of this pack?

Hello! I don't have any updates planned for now, but suggestions are always welcome! And the different pack versions are not available, as i feel it would be a bit confusing and i want the more complete latest update to show, though if you want the older packages i can sent them to you :)

Thanks, that clears it up :)
So if someone has purchased this before with an older version, and you update the pack, can that person download the newer version of the pack?

Yup, they should be able to update with no problem!

Hey ! So I bought your pack and started playing with it. I do like it and think it will work for what I plan to do. 

I do have a suggestion that should not take too much effort for you and would make a nice addition : wooden floor.  This would make you pack suitable to build tower dungeons for example, and add visual variety to rooms easily.

Hope you'll consider it :)

Other suggestion :  wall switch,cupboard (with openable doors).

Thanks !

Thank you, glad you liked it! Alright i like the ideas, will consider it :)

Hello, your pack looks great! Any chance to get it working with Asset Forge ?

Hi, thank you! Sorry, the pack its not compatible with Asset Forge for now

in what program did you make this?

I made this using Blender!


There are no textures in the pack!!! I want my money back


Are you serious? In the zip file, you have a "Textures" folder with the texture image inside, and an embedded texture inside both the blend file and the unity package (i double checked). Everything should be correct :)

(1 edit)

This asset package is beautiful.
What are you planning on adding next? ;)
Various statues? Wells/Pool for healing ect? Traps?

Thank you! :D Next update will include some prison assets, traps, chests and more general assets and variations of existing assets

Absolutely love it! Please consider adding more! Walls, props, floors, more variation! I love your particular low poly art style and i'm using this for a project . Maybe more weapons too? Thank you!

Thanks a lot! I have plans on updating the pack with some new assets some time soon :)

Great, easy to use pack with an incredible price!

Thank you! Glad you liked it :)