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Hey did you have any further planned updates, and are the updates available to download for previous purchases of this pack?

Hello! I don't have any updates planned for now, but suggestions are always welcome! And the different pack versions are not available, as i feel it would be a bit confusing and i want the more complete latest update to show, though if you want the older packages i can sent them to you :)

Thanks, that clears it up :)
So if someone has purchased this before with an older version, and you update the pack, can that person download the newer version of the pack?

Yup, they should be able to update with no problem!

Hey ! So I bought your pack and started playing with it. I do like it and think it will work for what I plan to do. 

I do have a suggestion that should not take too much effort for you and would make a nice addition : wooden floor.  This would make you pack suitable to build tower dungeons for example, and add visual variety to rooms easily.

Hope you'll consider it :)

Other suggestion :  wall switch,cupboard (with openable doors).

Thanks !

Thank you, glad you liked it! Alright i like the ideas, will consider it :)

Hello, your pack looks great! Any chance to get it working with Asset Forge ?

Hi, thank you! Sorry, the pack its not compatible with Asset Forge for now

There are no textures in the pack!!! I want my money back

Are you serious? In the zip file, you have a "Textures" folder with the texture image inside, and an embedded texture inside both the blend file and the unity package (i double checked). Everything should be correct :)

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This asset package is beautiful.
What are you planning on adding next? ;)
Various statues? Wells/Pool for healing ect? Traps?

Thank you! :D Next update will include some prison assets, traps, chests and more general assets and variations of existing assets

Absolutely love it! Please consider adding more! Walls, props, floors, more variation! I love your particular low poly art style and i'm using this for a project . Maybe more weapons too? Thank you!

Thanks a lot! I have plans on updating the pack with some new assets some time soon :)

Great, easy to use pack with an incredible price!

Thank you! Glad you liked it :)