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There are no textures in the pack!!! I want my money back

Are you serious? In the zip file, you have a "Textures" folder with the texture image inside, and an embedded texture inside both the blend file and the unity package (i double checked). Everything should be correct :)

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This asset package is beautiful.
What are you planning on adding next? ;)
Various statues? Wells/Pool for healing ect? Traps?

Thank you! :D Next update will include some prison assets, traps, chests and more general assets and variations of existing assets

Absolutely love it! Please consider adding more! Walls, props, floors, more variation! I love your particular low poly art style and i'm using this for a project . Maybe more weapons too? Thank you!

Thanks a lot! I have plans on updating the pack with some new assets some time soon :)

Great, easy to use pack with an incredible price!

Thank you! Glad you liked it :)