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Photon Fighters is a simple local multiplayer game where neon cubes fight eatch other for victory!

The game's matches take place in 9 different maps where 2 to 4 players battle each other. Players can only jump and dash to kill enemies.

All aspects and rules of the game can be changed at the start of every match, arranging from gamemodes, number of kill/lives, match time, map rotation, etc.
Additionally, there are also events, wich are temporary effects that appear randomly and change the rules of the match dinamically, resulting in interesting situations.


The game can be played with both keyboard (max 2 players) and gamepad (max 4 players).

With Keyboard 1:

With Keyboard 2:

With Gamepad:

The game is meant to be played at FullHD resolution (1080x1920p). Running the game at a lower resolution will still play fine, but may result in general bluriness or malfunctioning.
The game is also intended to play in buttery-smooth 60 FPS, and running lower than that will result in slow-motion gameplay.


PhotonFighters.zip 16 MB

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